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DC Blocker - Mains DC Filter

DC Blocker - Mains DC Filter
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DC Blocker is a device whose task is to eliminate the unwanted DC component of the 230V supply voltage. The DC component is caused mainly by switched-mode power supplies and all kinds of converters.

The DC constant has a negative effect on transformers in audio devices - it causes the core to be over-magnetized (saturated), which results in a significant increase in the volume of their operation (so-called buzzing), heating of the transformer and deformation of the sine on the output. All these negative effects of the presence of a DC component may disrupt work and parameters of power amplifiers and other audio devices. A secondary effect is also a significant increase in the power consumption of audio devices due to excessive heating of the transformer inside.
It just has to be plugged between the 230V socket and the device.


Output power: 1500W / 6,5A

Dimensions: 125 x 80 x 60mm

Weight: 0,8 kg

Chasis: Alluminium


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